Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I wish i was a happy go lucky girl.
erm. Woman actually.
no more gegirls.. married already..
but, definitely Happy go lucky is not my type..

i'm just me. living wit simply life.
happy in front of the others, doesnt means that u r truly happy.
bergelak ketawa sana sini..
ketawa terbahak-bahak sana sini..
erm. is that happiness?

i'm grateful to be Raja nadia.
a wife of Aiman Hamidon..
but. for me happiness is not just laughing n being happy..
it just something that undescrible..
a feeling that i alwais found after i felt the gloomy sadness..
kepahitan itu mengajar betapa manisnya kehidupan tu.

back to the almighty..

betapa diri ni sentiasa gagal mengingati Allah sepanjang masa..
betapa lalai dan melalaikan diri ini..
slalu melakukan kesilapan dan kekhilafan...
erm. the truly happiness is from Him..

i hope, i will be a perfect wife, a perfect muslimah,
a perfect mum, a perfect daughter to my parents and in law,
the most, next year.
hopefully we can live together.

aiman is my guide..
n i'll guide him too..
becoz we need each other.
in finding jalan di redhai Allah..

i try to be happy..
where ever i go..
i hope my hubby too..
will always happy..
altough we're separated away.
but our soul together.

yes. i'm madly missing my hubby.
Tp perjuangan harus diteruskan..
kami akan fight lagi 2 bulan ni.
yeaah..kan hubby?

ILY. aiman.
isteri aiman.


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